Welcome to Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer!  I hope you will find this blog to be an engaging, informative, and maybe even entertaining platform for news, information, and discussion about current issues in trademark law.  Before I start blogging, I’ll provide you a bit of background on who I am.

My name is Daniel Corbett, and I am an attorney with Elliott & Davis, PC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, where I served as the managing editor of the University of Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy.  In addition to trademark registrations, my practice also centers on corporate law, nonprofit law, estate planning, and civil litigation.

My interest in trademark law can be traced back to my college days, where I studied public relations journalism at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.  As a public relations student, I studied, among other things, branding strategies and what makes marketing campaigns sink or swim.  I think trademarks are fascinating from a number of different perspectives: (1) they are valuable assets that businesses large and small can use to create value; (2) they are important tools that consumers use to inform their purchasing decisions; (3) they have become part of our language and culture and shape our everyday interactions in society; and finally (4) for attorneys, they are one piece to a complex and ever-changing field known as intellectual property law.

Although the central focus of this blog is trademark law, I will occasionally stray onto other topics such as copyright law, business, and pop culture.  My goal is to make this blog a valuable resource that is accessible and relevant for trademark owners, the legal profession, students, and anyone interested in trademarks.   To that end, your feedback and participation in the conversation is crucial.

Thanks, and enjoy!