Will the real USC please stand up?  Putting allegiance to alma maters and sports programs aside (if that’s possible), try to decide…

Is it the University of Southern California Trojans?

Or the University of South Carolina Gamecocks?

The dispute started when South Carolina attempted to register its “SC” logo, and Southern California opposed the registration on the basis that the proposed mark created a false association with its “SC” logo.

Via Patently-O:

The Trademark Appeal Board (TTAB) sided with Southern Cal in (1) refusing to register Carolina’s SC-logo because it was confusingly similar to Southern Cal’s logo; (2) holding that Carolina lacked standing to bring the cancellation counterclaim; and (3) finding that the initials “SC” are not unmistakably associated with the State of South Carolina. On appeal, the Federal Circuit affirmed.

And if that’s not enough to make the Trojan fans among us smile, USC (the one on the West Coast, to be clear) was just named the best college football program of the decade.