At San Diego Comic-Con, comic book legend Stan Lee announced his newest foray into superhero lore: himself.

Lee unveiled his newest project titled “Super Seven” which stars Stan Lee himself as the octogenarian protagonist struggling with writer’s block. After running into a cadre of aliens in the desert (naturally), he assigns them each tasks. Thus, a meta comic book was born.

However, Super 7, a toy manufacturer is having none of it. Super 7 has sent Lee and his company letters detailing their intent to file suit should the project move forward with its proposed name. The announcement at Comic-Con was apparently the last straw as Super 7 filed suit against Lee, POW! Entertainment, A Squared Entertainment, and various other entities alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition.

According to the complaint, Super 7 alleges that both companies intend to use the respective marks Super 7 and “Stan Lee and the Super Seven” for wide-scale media, marketing, and product development. Due to the alleged similarity of the marks and field of use, they request a variety of forms of relief including both an injunction and an award for treble damages.

Trademark issues aside, the real question to be posed here is: Who really wants to read a comic book starring Stan Lee?