I can’t imagine how you would, but if you do, you should check out some other great legal blogs, written by my colleages, Salene Mazur Kraemer and Natalie Mihalek.

Salene’s blog, “In Plain English” has been up and running since last November (roughly as long as this blog), and, in it, she provides a nice discussion of various issues legal (and non-legal) issues affecting businesses, both small and large.  Salene is Of Counsel at my law firm, Elliott & Davis, and is the owner of MazurKraemer, a law firm specializing in transactional corporate law.

If you check out Salene’s blog, you will find everything from bankruptcy FAQ, to discussions of the legal services marketplace, and even some journalistic coverage of NYC Fashion Week.

Natalie’s blog, “I Fight the Law” just launched last month, but she’s already got a number of great posts up.   There, you’ll find posts discussing issues of comparative constitutional law, Paris Hilton’s legal woes, and the effect of media on individual expectations relative to the criminal justice system (something she terms the “CSI Effect”). Natalie is a former Assistant District Attorney in Allegheny County, PA, and is currently heading our firm’s criminal defense practice.