After more than three years of blogging at Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer, this will be my last post.  I am leaving Elliott & Davis (the firm that has graciously indulged my blogging habit this entire time) to pursue other professional opportunities.

I have enjoyed the last three years, and, as someone who firmly believes in learning through teaching, this blog has been an incredible learning tool.  It’s forced me to stay current on developments in the law and has kept me armed with interesting cocktail-party-type anecdotes (e.g., the legal implications in Mike Tyson’s face tattoo) that have hopefully (at least to some degree) dispelled the notion that lawyers are boring or square.

I want to thank everyone who has read the blog (regularly or casually) of the past three years.  I’m grateful to have developed a steady flow of traffic that I wouldn’t have thought possible back when I was just getting started.

Finally, I’ve made some really good friends in the process.  Special thanks to Jim Singer, Tom Galvani, Ron Coleman, Ryan Gile, and Jack Greiner for their sharing links, thoughts, and experience.

But my departure doesn’t mean the end of Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer—not in the least.  (Insert appropriate “the end is the beginning” type clichés here.)

I’m happy to announce that Daniel Friedson will be taking the helm in my absence.  Dan will roll out his first post early in the New Year, but I am confident that I’m leaving you in more than capable hands—another Dan, another journalism guy, and (a credential I can’t boast, but is definitely a nice one) a former clinical law professor.    Meet the new Dan, (kinda the) same as the old Dan.